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VIP Casino Bonus

VIP Casino Bonus

VIP Casino Bonus

When you are playing on slots and wager €100 or more a spin, a normal casino bonus just doesn’t cut through. Hirollers and casino whales are demanding players putting a lot on stake. To keep these players happy, the casinos are offering them VIP casino bonus.

VIP Welcome Bonus

Practically there are no VIP welcome bonuses, but there are welcome bonuses that also suits hirollers and VIP players. What defines these bonuses is that they are huge, and often we also see that the wagering requirement is low. Hirollers are experienced players and have a lot of knowledge, so they will steer clear of welcome offers with a high wagering requirement.

VIP Cashback

The cashback is one of the most common VIP casino rewards on the market. Normally, VIP players get a cashback every week. Often the size of it depends on the net loss during the previous week. VIP players can expect cashback between 5 to 25 % of the net loss.

VIP Deposit Bonus

Huge bonuses are the best way to describe VIP deposit bonuses. But, there are more to them. Hirollers can be picky, and hence these often come with a low wagering requirement where the player actually has a pretty good chance to get a nice winning.

VIP Casino Tournaments

VIP casino tournaments are not really bonuses. But they are a good way to get some extra winnings. We often see that VIP tournaments are wager tournaments. In these types of tournaments, a normal player would have no chance to win. This is because it is the player that wagers the most that win. Ie, the bigger the bankroll you have, the better chance you have to win.

Wagering Requirements

As mentioned, VIP players are experienced. They won’t get tricked by a bonus that can give 200 % up to €2,000 or even more. Unless the bonus has a low wagering requirement. The lower the wagering requirement is, the better is the chance to get some nice wins and be able to withdraw these. As a VIP player, you should not expect any higher wagering requirement than 40x. And, often much lower.